Friday, November 12, 2010

Fearless Creativity (Pt. 2!) - Never say Never!

So... more than once I might have said that I would rather watch paint dry than learn how to knit. 
My mum tried to teach me once, and it was sooooo tediously boring watching her 'cast on' that I thanked her for curing me of my fleeting fascination with the creative artform.

But I was walking through a haberdashery store a couple of weeks ago, and something beautiful took my eye.  It was a ball of wool.  So fascinated was I with this remarkable ball of wool, that EVEN though I'd vowed never to knit, I purchased it.  Just to look at. 
Beautiful pinks and greens entwining, reminding me of sunset in a forest.  
No.  Not to knit.  Just to look at. :-)

But a strange thing happened one evening.  All it took was a Jackie Chan movie and a peaceful house, and the fascination became Youtube-ing, and the Youtube-ing became... a scarf.

Albeit a few dropped stitches, and a few rows of 27 instead of 26 (?!), but definitely wearable?!
A bit proud of my efforts!

Next stop... playing the bagpipes. 
Uh...Ok. Not today. 
But I'm learning not to say 'never'.  ;-)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fearless Creativity

So here I am. My first blog entry.  Like starting a new journal, I always have a slight hesitation to write something on that first page.   Why is that?  Well, I've never liked my handwriting for a start.  But is it a level of self-consciousness perhaps? Perfectionism? Fear that what I have to say may not be considered valid?  

True that the very thought of blogging your own thoughts publically as though others may get something out of them, may be a little narcissistic... or is it?  Perhaps to continue to think like that is the very "full-stop" of creative flow.

One thing I am learning is about the process of "Fearless Creativity". 
What if creativity and expression really could be fearless?

I believe that the world was created.  I know, that statement alone leaves me wide open for debate among the masses.  But taking that notion even further, I also believe that we have been created in the image of The Creator.   I believe that every person has an essence of some kind of creative expression in them. EVERY PERSON, whether realised or dormant, has the propensity for soul-satisfying creativity.  The only hindrance is usually fear. Fear of failure. Fear of judgement... the list goes on.

Try it. Grab yourself a big blank canvas.  Splodge up your paint brush with colour.
Now... Where do you put it!? Where will that brush touch down? What will you paint?
Sometimes, it's not about Art. It's about fear-defying.  JUMP IN THERE with your little paint brush!? Who said it had to hang in the Louvre? Have fun! Create something unique! Freedom hangs in the balance!  (Throw it out afterwards if you have to!) but don't let fear rob you of that joyous and wreckless abandon, that pleasure of creating.

It was a few years ago that this revelation first hit me.  If creativity is what makes me feel most alive, then luxuriate in it.  If mothering, mother creatively. If running a business, (which I was at the time) do it creatively.  Spend your creativity, like a millionaire intent on going broke. Lavish it around. Be wreckless with it.  Don't live in fear of the critics. What you have to say is unique to you. If it resonates with others, that's great!  If not, you've lost nothing, AND gained your creative freedom.

St Iranaeus, an old French Saint said in about 185AD,
"The Glory of God is man fully alive."
I think he was onto something.