Friday, November 12, 2010

Fearless Creativity (Pt. 2!) - Never say Never!

So... more than once I might have said that I would rather watch paint dry than learn how to knit. 
My mum tried to teach me once, and it was sooooo tediously boring watching her 'cast on' that I thanked her for curing me of my fleeting fascination with the creative artform.

But I was walking through a haberdashery store a couple of weeks ago, and something beautiful took my eye.  It was a ball of wool.  So fascinated was I with this remarkable ball of wool, that EVEN though I'd vowed never to knit, I purchased it.  Just to look at. 
Beautiful pinks and greens entwining, reminding me of sunset in a forest.  
No.  Not to knit.  Just to look at. :-)

But a strange thing happened one evening.  All it took was a Jackie Chan movie and a peaceful house, and the fascination became Youtube-ing, and the Youtube-ing became... a scarf.

Albeit a few dropped stitches, and a few rows of 27 instead of 26 (?!), but definitely wearable?!
A bit proud of my efforts!

Next stop... playing the bagpipes. 
Uh...Ok. Not today. 
But I'm learning not to say 'never'.  ;-)


  1. Well done Amy!! That is awesome :) I am a yarn addict, yet I can't knit hehe well I can knit a scarf but that's about where my talent ends! I am also a fabric addict hehehehe and no, I can't sew either!

  2. I am impressed! I buy the wool and give it to Stu's Mum who turns it into gorgeous knitted treasures for my girls. I've never considered doing it myself!!! Kisses, Emma.

  3. How exciting! Making something is such a satisfying feeling, isn't it? xx

  4. *Thanks girls for the lovely comments!*

    My scarf had its first 'outing' yesterday!! It was really cosy! :-b I even found myself grateful for Tasmania's unpredictable weather! (I hadn't quite thought through making a scarf at the start of Summer!?)

    I'm starting to knit a scarf for the girls now;
    Hmmmm... how to make pink and green stripes?! (Back to the Youtube instruction videos!)!

    Much Love to you all!
    Amy xx

  5. From you-tubing to a scarf. I'm impressed. My mum taught me to knit (several times) as a child, but it didn't really click until I was all grown up. I love it now, but usually have several projects on the go at once so I never seem to land on a project for long enough to finish it. I usually wait for mum to come and stay for a few days, and then hand it over to her for finishing!


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