Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Counting Sleeps!

Not long to go now!!  The kids (and 'big kids' alike!) are counting down to the 25th!!  I've found myself jovially crooning (to the cats, the kids and the dishes!) the old Christmas song...  

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!"

Writing cards to their friends!
To me, Christmas represents one of the greatest ‘faith, hope and love’ explosions in my calendar, where all three merge in a collision of all things soul-satisfying!

This time of year takes me back to the sweetest awakening of my own faith journey, and the telling of the most magnificent love story ever, creates an excuse to share love with all around me, in actions, time and thoughtful gifts... Moreover, with 2011 popping its little head around the corner, there’s a sense of another 'blank canvas', with hope for all the possibilities of the year to come.   No wonder we all feel like partying!?! :-)
December in the Richardson house...
...usually consists of rehearsals, The Messiah, carols, a messy house, unweeded veggie patch, concerts, baking, shopping, wrapping, more rehearsals, more shopping, school BBQ’s, end of year parties, did i mention the messy house... Ok, so it does have its frantic moments... and I think I might have mentioned that my house is messy. ;-b   Nonetheless, we always make time to do some fun things with the kids as we prepare for Christmas together. 

Our first tradition is to set the tree up in November! 
Lily, Beth & Joel
decorate the tree!
I know, it’s early, but we figure that as soon as the Pageant has been through town, it’s fair game to pop the tree up.  Handel plays in the background while the three-hours of tree-trimming begins.

Chris and I usually finish the day with a sip of port and a fruit mince pie! *BLISS!*   A sip of port and mince pies are thoughtfully left out by the kids for Santa on Christmas Eve as well! Consumed as he (SHE!!) watches the carols and wraps the last of the presents!

Joel with the beginnings of the
Gingerbread house!

This year, Bethany made paper chain decorations to hang around the house, and Chris became the engineer/architect of the family ginger bread house efforts. The kids made their own 'Advent' calendars this year with nice things they can do for others each day... We've had fun!

We’re blessed to have such a large extended family so Christmas festivities are normally spread over three days!  After which, we’ve promised the kids to go camping on the East Coast for a couple of weeks in the New Year.  The kids LOVE it, and I usually take my art supplies, and journals, and take time out for me too... to begin to create and dream of what I want my world and coming year to look like. 

I’ve so often found that dreaming fresh vision creates hope in my world... and I relish this time away to refill my 'tank'!  I encourage you to do the same over New Year... Don’t look at your world now, or count the failures of the past.  You don't have to go away, but clean-slate it.   Go somewhere quiet, grab a cuppa, get yourself a new journal, and begin to dream...
Dream for every part of your life, and what you want it to look like, without limitations. Your home, marriage, children, family, health, relationships, work, your aspirations, goals etc.  One year from now, five years, ten years...  

I'm learning not settle for life on ‘default’ settings, but to aim to live with a sense of deliberacy - to live by ‘design’.

I pray your New Year will be filled with 
peace, hope, joy and all things wonderful.
So much love to you...  
and Merry Christmas!
Amy x


  1. Beautiful post Amy - heaps of nuggets of wisdom (this means I'll have to re-read it a couple of times!). Wishing you and your gorgeous family a peaceful, re-charging and FUN Christmas period! xx

  2. Hi, im the newest follower here, Very nice blog !!! Hope to see you on my page too :)

  3. Loving your Christmas tree Amy! Have a wonderful Christmas. Love, Emma. xx


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