Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ahh, January. How I love thee!

Christmas has been and gone, along with all the joyous trimmings of New Year celebrations, and we've just arrived home from camping as a family. Just the mention of the word 'January' and I feel all sunny and relaxed on the inside...
Like a big breath of fresh air has filled my lungs. ;-)

We've had a lot of fun over the past few weeks doing various 'holiday-ish' activities as a little family.

Chris baked gingerbread with the kids the other day and I have tackled various sewing and painting activities with them!  We've read both Heidi and Anne of Green Gables; watched movies; painted rocks; made ribbon hair-clips; handsewn little felt notebook covers; (Joel made a 'pirate flag' for his boat in the backyard!), and the kids have been sewing their own felt 'Owl & The Pussycat' characters.  I love having the kids home with me, and find the lack of routine in holidays so diverting.  

While camping, (in between beach trips), I enjoyed many cups of tea, and savoured EVERY minute I could grab in my beach chair with my journal.  :-)   I found time to write some songs, draw, journal... and I'm sooooo excited about all the adventures this coming year holds.   I have so many plans and dreams...   Where do I begin?

(Well ok, it's my ONLY step).
TAKE STOCK and attempt to bring ORDER to my (notoriously right-brained!?!) world!

In the mayhem that is 'December' in our house, I misplaced so many important notices and pieces of paper, and I concluded...
"For the coming year (with all these ideas and plans, another child starting school and my teaching even more!) - ORGANISATION IS A MUST!"

Enter - hopeful sanity-saver (and novel craft idea): The old-school Pinboard!

Work in progress
I decided to take all loose notes, bills, cheques, petrol vouchers, letters, photos, party invitations, ballet notices, paintings, drawings, postcards OFF my fridge. There's never enough room to see them all anyway - HENCE things get forgotten! I set about building on the back of my pantry door, the most GIGANTIC pinboard known to man kind (well almost!?), ready for ANYTHING the school calendar can throw at me!
Je rêve d'aller à Paris...

I went to the local hardware store and purchased a large sheet of 'softboard'. It didn't fit in the car - so I was proud that I managed to hire and DRIVE a trailer all by myself... (Girl Power!?).   I purchased some pretty fabric, and paid homage to my love of ribbons... A staple-gun here, and some screws there, et... voila! 
Recycled Moccona Jars

I even made myself a new coordinating 'plastic bag-bag', and another one for my bio-degradeable ones (useful for lining the compost bin). 
In just one day my kitchen is tidied, pantry items labelled, 'that pile' is sorted and...  I'm feeling GOOD!    Ahhhhhh.

Bring on 2011! 
My Pinboard and I are ready. ;-b


  1. Hi gorgeous,

    You have been busy. It sounds like lots of fun at the Richardson home! Have a great week. Emma. P.S. Loving the pin board!

  2. Love it - looks gorgeous! Well done you :)

  3. What a triumph of a pin board Amy, from the trailer-hire to the beautiful ribbons. I do think I need to clear my fridge too, and perhaps I need a thumping great pin board. Hmm. Lovely to hear I'm not the only one living in a "notoriously right brained world!"

    Thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog. Enjoying yours too - you write beautifully!


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