Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ode to my Polkadot Mug.

Original Artwork Entitled: "Ode to my Polkadot Mug".         Medium: iphone and pointer finger.

Years ago, Chris and I used to have matching 'his and hers' "Daddy Cool" and "Yummy Mummy" mugs.  

A darling friend bought them for us as a gift, and in that season of having my 3 babes in 3.5 years - when life seemed to roll from nappy change to breast feed (!) - the reminder that someone thought I was a "Yummy Mummy" was often just the pick-me-up my day needed!  

I once heard another mum affectionately talking about her "Happy Mug", that she would treat herself with if her day needed a lift and the phrase stuck.   
I too came to think of my mug as my "Happy Mug" for use in emergencies, 
i.e., at 'that' time of the day...
...and certainly for more frequent use when it approached 'that' time of the year!  
 Need I mention the therapeutic benefits of said "Happy Cup" use... 'that' time of the month?!

(Hmmm.  I think my readership just became 100% female...?!  For those few "Daddy Cools" out there who have hung in there through this random blog - it IS in your best interest as well to learn WHEN to pull out the Happy Mug and OFFER the much-needed sanity-saver! Can work as a 'white flag' occasionally too!)

Anyway, back to the story of the Yummy Mummy mug...   (CUE: Sad music) 

One tragic day... 

My Yummy Mummy mug smashed!  
Close to tears, and resolved to find another, my search was in vain - for the matching Yummy Mummy Mug was now out of print.  Alas, a few years came and went, using our boring white mugs... 
It wasn't until this year - for my 30th birthday - that my mum gave me...
 A Red Polkadot Mug. 


That special glimmer in my eye, reserved only for the Mug of my Life returned - and I discovered again the benefits and many joys of a "Happy Mug"!   We're inseparable - and we have so much in common.  Well, we share my 5 cup-a-day love of yummy tea and good coffee...

(Favourite Teas of the moment... From Jefferson's Tea Shop in Liverpool Street: Strawberry Cream or Caramel Tea - or from The Art of TeaFrench Earl Grey or Tasmanian Lavender!)

But I digress...   
(from my extremely purpose-filled and life-changing post about my mug)

Chris and I no longer have matching mugs.  But...  That's ok.  :-)

These days I look at Chris' understated, reliable, long-term mug -  next to my slightly whimsical and quirky one, and it somehow manages to crack me up.   Like THESE were the 'mugs' that were meant for eachother!  ;-b  These are two "Happy Mugs" and never happier than when being used concurrently on the couch at the end of a long day.


Must be time for another cuppa!
Get your favourite mug and have one with me!?

Cheers, Love, and happy days!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lambs, Bunnies & Eggs!

Yummy buttery hot cross buns...
...chocolate (bien sur!) & fresh coffee... MMMMmmm....
... damp grass, smoke from a few chimneys...
 ...and that crisp air that stings your lungs, 
as the biting sun warms you through.  
It's Good Friday, and I'm snuggled in with my family doing cosy Eastery things!

Beth's gifts...
Bethany has made lots of cute little cardboard baskets that we filled with mini eggs to give to her friends.

Hot on MY to-do list today however is to make Marshmallow Bunnies! I tried to make them yesterday, but got distracted and overwhipped the marshmallow! The kids had fun eating the blobby white mass, but I shall "Take #2" today - trying to get mine as cute as the ones on Brisbane Baker's blog!

This afternoon, we'll eat the Osterlamm Cake given to us by a beautiful German friend, Martina. Hacking into this gorgeous Easter Lamb feels so barbaric (!!!) *cringe* -but I'm guessing it's meant to be as a symbol of Jesus' innocent death on my behalf...? That I partake in for the joy of that TASTY TASTY butter cake goodness!!  Mmmm.... Martina's an AMAZING cook!

Joely my little 'Artiste'!
OOh! I have to tell you... We had a super-fun day yesterday with my gorgeous American sister-in-law-to-be, Liz. She suggested we dye eggs for fun (the kids were home from school!). So our adventure began as we set about trying to buy "white eggs" like they have in America!?  Needless to say... After much shopping and googling, we learnt that the type of chicken determines the egg colour - alas the pretty-white-egg-laying types are all far away from us, and we Australians are stuck with the not-so-cute brown kind!! 

(I must add that Beth's hands still look like they've been 70's tie-dyed!! Hilarious!)

NEVER FEAR - we discovered if you hard-boil them in vinegar water, you can then wipe them over with paper towel and more vinegar, and most of the brown comes off, making the eggs more receptive to pretty dye colours!  The kids drew on them with coloured crayons, and then we held them in food-coloured vinegar water, dried them off and wiped them over with oil to make them shiny! The kids had a creative blast, and the Easter Bunny Liz, plans to hide them in the garden tomorrow for the kids to find! 

Chris and the kids excitedly gave me my Easter Eggs early - last Sunday! (Not sure what the "Easter Police" would have to say about that! ;-b Hehe!! ...but I'm one happy accomplice to said rule-bending!!)

For years I’ve been collecting these gorgeous hand-painted eggs from here and there. My loved ones find them for me for special occasions, of which Easter is one... They’re such cheery looking things! And I love them so much, they stay on the table year-round!

I do love the sentiment behind the giving of  eggs! Fertile with possibilities, and a symbol of new life about to begin.  
To quote from one of Paul's letters to the church of Corinth ...

“Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”

Soooooo beautiful and breathtakingly simple.

Life’s good, and God’s provision for our humanity is incredible!   
Love beyond love, and Life beyond life.   

Happy Easter to you... And Happy Life too!
So much love, 
Amy x

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love: The Sacred Kiss.

It's been eleven years since the,  
"Would you ever consider us being more than friends?" 

Eleven years since he accidentally blurted out...
I LOVE you!!!
That's not how I planned to say it!"
And eleven years since my first kiss was preceded by a gentlemanly...
I kiss you?" his red Datsun 120y. 

I can't believe it's been TEN years today, since those I do's in the garden of Runnymede House.     Just kids ourselves, we put rings on our fingers, kissed each other and our adventure began.

He wrote a song and sat at a grand piano and sang of his love and commitment to me... a cruel thing to do! Make-up was no more!  And although I couldn't possibly have sung it on the day for choking up with tears, I wrote a song for Chris as well.  The words summed up my hopes at the time for what our world and life together might look like...

...How nice it is to dream 
Of sunny days and lots of graces
A little house and childrens' faces
...A walk along the beach wrapped in eachother's arms...

I was thinking about this recently while taking a stroll along Blackmans' Bay beach - a couple of hundred metres from our little house! Chris had his arms around me and the children were running ahead... The song came to mind, and it dawned on me that I have been blessed with every dream that was in my heart the day we married.  

I am so truly and deeply thankful.

It's an overwhelming thought and gratitude wells in my heart; To God for bringing this man into my life; to Chris for holding my hand on this crazy and action-packed adventure; to our family and friends who have cheered us on; and to our children who have made our days so joyous.

Chris Richardson, 
I'd pick you again a million times over.

Yours with a Sacred Kiss,

The Sacred Kiss.
There was girl with a heart unbroken
She’d built up a wall to protect it so
With a gate in the wall opened only by a certain key
The garden would wait for a love to grow

There was a man who was kind, good and charming
A smile as he spoke, made you feel so safe
She tried to be strong, but his warmth was disarming
I could give my heart to a man like this

Over the days in his gentle way,
He thawed her heart,
As she took his hand
And the love grew deeper
And like grew longer
They pledged their love with a sacred kiss

Ten years have passed since the garden blossomed
Children have joined their side-by-side
Son-kissed and windswept they shared their adventures
She cherished the day she became his bride

Over the years in life’s usual way
If the road was long
Or the season hard
The love grew deeper
They held to each other
And ended each day with a sacred kiss

Love is long, and patience longer
With forgiveness too, and a faithful song
May I turn your head, May you win me daily
We will cherish and honour our love like this

For the future ahead, I see blue skies open
Joy to be had
Still come what may
Let our love grow deeper
Let us hold to each other
May we finish our days with a sacred kiss.

Song written for our Tenth Wedding Anniversary, 14th April 2011.