Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love: The Sacred Kiss.

It's been eleven years since the,  
"Would you ever consider us being more than friends?" 

Eleven years since he accidentally blurted out...
I LOVE you!!!
That's not how I planned to say it!"
And eleven years since my first kiss was preceded by a gentlemanly...
I kiss you?" his red Datsun 120y. 

I can't believe it's been TEN years today, since those I do's in the garden of Runnymede House.     Just kids ourselves, we put rings on our fingers, kissed each other and our adventure began.

He wrote a song and sat at a grand piano and sang of his love and commitment to me... a cruel thing to do! Make-up was no more!  And although I couldn't possibly have sung it on the day for choking up with tears, I wrote a song for Chris as well.  The words summed up my hopes at the time for what our world and life together might look like...

...How nice it is to dream 
Of sunny days and lots of graces
A little house and childrens' faces
...A walk along the beach wrapped in eachother's arms...

I was thinking about this recently while taking a stroll along Blackmans' Bay beach - a couple of hundred metres from our little house! Chris had his arms around me and the children were running ahead... The song came to mind, and it dawned on me that I have been blessed with every dream that was in my heart the day we married.  

I am so truly and deeply thankful.

It's an overwhelming thought and gratitude wells in my heart; To God for bringing this man into my life; to Chris for holding my hand on this crazy and action-packed adventure; to our family and friends who have cheered us on; and to our children who have made our days so joyous.

Chris Richardson, 
I'd pick you again a million times over.

Yours with a Sacred Kiss,

The Sacred Kiss.
There was girl with a heart unbroken
She’d built up a wall to protect it so
With a gate in the wall opened only by a certain key
The garden would wait for a love to grow

There was a man who was kind, good and charming
A smile as he spoke, made you feel so safe
She tried to be strong, but his warmth was disarming
I could give my heart to a man like this

Over the days in his gentle way,
He thawed her heart,
As she took his hand
And the love grew deeper
And like grew longer
They pledged their love with a sacred kiss

Ten years have passed since the garden blossomed
Children have joined their side-by-side
Son-kissed and windswept they shared their adventures
She cherished the day she became his bride

Over the years in life’s usual way
If the road was long
Or the season hard
The love grew deeper
They held to each other
And ended each day with a sacred kiss

Love is long, and patience longer
With forgiveness too, and a faithful song
May I turn your head, May you win me daily
We will cherish and honour our love like this

For the future ahead, I see blue skies open
Joy to be had
Still come what may
Let our love grow deeper
Let us hold to each other
May we finish our days with a sacred kiss.

Song written for our Tenth Wedding Anniversary, 14th April 2011.


  1. Oh Amy what a beautiful blog! A great way to start my day, with a big smile!
    Congratulations to the both of you!

  2. I remember those days of you two talking for ages in that red Datsun. I remember you jumping out of that red Datsun to run across the road and tell me you were engaged. I remember that gorgeous day at Runnymede watching my beautiful little girl marry the charming handsome man, who looked a lot like the cute, chubby, shy little boy I used to know whose unruly hair always stuck up somewhere. I remember all these times because each one of them struck me deeply- God brought you together for a purpose, and it was obvious to those looking on how much in love you were and how perfect you a for each other. Is it so wonderful to see and hear how much you still love each other- praise God indeed! Luke and I love each other more and stronger every year, and it's amazing! Definitely not in the realms of human possibility, and more than i could have dreamed of; 16 1/2 years on and it is wonderful. I pray the same for you, every blessing for both of you for the next ten years and further. Love always, Suze xxx

  3. So beautiful Amy. Congratulations, and many more kisses and fulfilled dreams to come. xx

  4. Oh that just about made me cry! How exquisitely beautiful that song is! Congratulations to two amazing people for ten years together! May our great and romantic God bless you both with many many more years of the ultimate divine romance! :-)
    Much love!
    Catherine Collins xoxo


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