Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ode to my Polkadot Mug.

Original Artwork Entitled: "Ode to my Polkadot Mug".         Medium: iphone and pointer finger.

Years ago, Chris and I used to have matching 'his and hers' "Daddy Cool" and "Yummy Mummy" mugs.  

A darling friend bought them for us as a gift, and in that season of having my 3 babes in 3.5 years - when life seemed to roll from nappy change to breast feed (!) - the reminder that someone thought I was a "Yummy Mummy" was often just the pick-me-up my day needed!  

I once heard another mum affectionately talking about her "Happy Mug", that she would treat herself with if her day needed a lift and the phrase stuck.   
I too came to think of my mug as my "Happy Mug" for use in emergencies, 
i.e., at 'that' time of the day...
...and certainly for more frequent use when it approached 'that' time of the year!  
 Need I mention the therapeutic benefits of said "Happy Cup" use... 'that' time of the month?!

(Hmmm.  I think my readership just became 100% female...?!  For those few "Daddy Cools" out there who have hung in there through this random blog - it IS in your best interest as well to learn WHEN to pull out the Happy Mug and OFFER the much-needed sanity-saver! Can work as a 'white flag' occasionally too!)

Anyway, back to the story of the Yummy Mummy mug...   (CUE: Sad music) 

One tragic day... 

My Yummy Mummy mug smashed!  
Close to tears, and resolved to find another, my search was in vain - for the matching Yummy Mummy Mug was now out of print.  Alas, a few years came and went, using our boring white mugs... 
It wasn't until this year - for my 30th birthday - that my mum gave me...
 A Red Polkadot Mug. 


That special glimmer in my eye, reserved only for the Mug of my Life returned - and I discovered again the benefits and many joys of a "Happy Mug"!   We're inseparable - and we have so much in common.  Well, we share my 5 cup-a-day love of yummy tea and good coffee...

(Favourite Teas of the moment... From Jefferson's Tea Shop in Liverpool Street: Strawberry Cream or Caramel Tea - or from The Art of TeaFrench Earl Grey or Tasmanian Lavender!)

But I digress...   
(from my extremely purpose-filled and life-changing post about my mug)

Chris and I no longer have matching mugs.  But...  That's ok.  :-)

These days I look at Chris' understated, reliable, long-term mug -  next to my slightly whimsical and quirky one, and it somehow manages to crack me up.   Like THESE were the 'mugs' that were meant for eachother!  ;-b  These are two "Happy Mugs" and never happier than when being used concurrently on the couch at the end of a long day.


Must be time for another cuppa!
Get your favourite mug and have one with me!?

Cheers, Love, and happy days!



  1. Consider yourself AMYLICIOUS! I put you on the list. Come back soon for a button thats in the works! Cheers!

  2. ooohh I love this Ames!! You will always be a yummy mummy and now with polkadots!!

    You clever blogger sis you xxxx


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